Living Buddha Liansheng


1. Mortal World Lineage

a. Exoteric Buddhism
Living Buddha Liansheng's masters: Master Yinshun, Master Leguo and Master Daoan
Per the old lay buddhist Bingnan Li's guidance, Living Buddha Liansheng and his mother took refuge in Master Yinshun at Taichung Lotus Society, Taichung, Taiwan. Living Buddha Liansheng was bestowed a dharma name "Huiyen".
Living Buddha Liansheng was introduced to Master Leguo by lay buddhist Ji Chao. Living Buddha Liansheng and Guru Lianxiang together took refuge in Master Leguo in Shalu,Taichung, Taiwan.  Living Buddha Liansheng was bestowed a dharma name "Daoyen".
Living Buddha Liansheng was introduced to Master Daoan by buddhist monk Chengguang. Living Buddha Liansheng took refuge in Master Daoan in Xuanzang Temple at Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.
b. Tantrism (Tibetan Buddhism)
Nyingma (Red) sect: Buddhist monk Leming – Living Buddha Liansheng
Buddhist monk Leming was also a Taoist priest in Mount Qingcheng, Sichuan, China. While Master Nona in Xikang, China moved to Sichuan to disseminate Tantrism in central plains of China, buddhist monk Leming met Master Nona. They became close friend and each other's master. Buddhist monk Leming gained Tantric lineage and Tantric dharma from Master Nona. Buddhist monk Leming imparted Feng Shui, Taoist charms and divination skill, etc. onto Master Nona.
②Sakya (Flower) sect: Master Sakya Zhengkong (Dezhung Rinpoche) – Living Buddha Liansheng
③Kagyu (White) sect: H. H. Kyabje Sixteenth Gyalwa Karmapa – Living Buddha Liansheng
④Gelug (Yellow) sect: Kangyur Wa Hutuktu ─ Tudeng Nima ─ Tudeng Dali ─ Tudeng Daji ─ Tudeng Chimo (Living Buddha Liansheng)
Living Buddha Liansheng: "I took refuge in Master Yinshun, Master Leguo, and Master Daoan in the exoteric buddhism. In the tantrism, I took refuge in Monk Leming, Master Sakya Zhengkong, H. H. Kyabje Sixteenth Gyalwa Karmapa, and Master Tudeng Daji. Etc. I have twenty-seven other masters in total, as well as many non-worldly masters who have given me guidance in my meditation and my dreams, and I have benefited a lot.”

2. Lineage from supreme void (Origin)

Vairocana ─ Mahavairocana ─ Amitabha ─ Padmakumara ─ Living Buddha Liansheng
In the past, before Padmakumara was reborn in the saha world, he personally visited the Great Sun Palace and bowed to Vairocana.
At that time, the Vairocana told Padmakumara:
"Before immeasurable kalpas, the dharma body of Vairocana without the slightest hindrance, due to the perfection of all virtues, became imperishable and immutable. The Vairocana shines the dharma realm with his holy light. This light comes out from both of his eyes; it is called the Universal Eye of Great Compassion. The eyes transform to all-buddha-eyes-great-vijra-auspicious-all-buddha-mothers deity. That is - the light of Vairocana was incarnated as Mahavairocana, who is all buddhas' mother. Then Mahavairocana placed her Buddha Eyes in the Western Paradise. The two buddha eyes became the two august lotus ponds, where is full of buddha's light and endless joy; it is Maha Double Lotus Ponds. And the samadhi of the Maha Double Lotus Ponds, with the great compassion and universal eye as the principal body, shines everywhere, observes all beings, responds to them and guides them.”
The light of the Vairocana's eyes transformed to Mahavairocana; The eyes of Mahavairocana incarnated to Maha double lotus ponds. The buddha light of Maha double lotus ponds incarnated the 18 great  Padmakumaras.
"Although the Tathagata is sitting on a lotus flower pedestal in a quiescence manner, my sambhogakaya is Lucana, and my nirmanakaya is Shakyamuni. I was also once reborn in Mahesvara heaven and preached Buddha Dharma in Mahesvara palace. Vairocana Buddha's samadhi brought in Padmakumara's reincarnation in the saha world nowadays."


"Padmakumara needs to attain the true essence internally, to break through evil dharmas externally, to integrate body and spirit, and to gather the mind-nature of all sentient beings and all Buddhas. If you can attain the original nature, you can return to the Maha double lotus ponds."
In the article "The Reality of Padmakumara", Living Buddha Liansheng wrote:


"Vairocana is my Dharmakaya, and the eyes of Mahavairocana are transformed into the pure land of the Maha double lotus ponds. In this Pure Land of Sambhogakaya, there is Amitabha. Amitabha is Padmakumara. Padmakumara is another name for Amitabha. Padmakumara's nirmanakaya, "Living Buddha Liansheng/Shengyen Lu”, was reborn in the secular world to rescue sentient beings.”
Also wrote in the article "Illusion, Illusion, Illusion":


"'Vairocana incarnates Mahavairocana, who incarnates Amitabha, who incarnates Padmakumara, who incarnates Living buddha Liansheng/Shengyen Lu."