Founded True Buddha School

True Buddha Signification

Retribution Buddha, of Dharma Buddha; It highlights Dharma Buddha has no forms.

The sutra of Infinite Life said: Bright radiance and extraordinary characters of appearance as a true buddha.
Rinzai proverb said the true buddha has no appearance, the true dharma has no form.
Living Buddha Lian Sheng expounds True Buddha:


True – Real         
Buddha – an enlightened spiritual practitioner 
Together means “a real enlightened spiritual practitioner”.


Living Buddha Lian Sheng founded True Buddha School to promote Vajrayana Buddhism. True Buddha School has 70+ Lei Tsang temples, and 400+ Vajrayana preaching and practice centers, located in U.S.A, Canada, U.K, France, German, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, Panama, Switzerland, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Spain, Vietnam, etc.
Bodhisattva Maitreya said:
Bodhisattva Maitreya said: Through incarnation, Padmakumara will live in the saha world. To avoid interruption and keep his mind on cultivation, Padmakumara will be moving around frequently.  Padmakumara shall move to places where there are mountains and water; do not move to sites where are bustling with noise and excitement and keep mind/heart from the secular world. Padmakumara can live by a mountain lake, then listen to the sound of nature such as bug singing, water flowing and wind blowing over the trees. Keep mind/heart from the secular world by leaving no trace of where you are so that you do not couple yourself with fame and wealth. If pursuing fame and wealth, it is impossible to have a pure heart. Once Padmakumara becomes enlightened, it is essential to live in places where there are mountains and water; Padmakumara shall still keep himself from the secular world, shall continue self-cultivation and preaching dharma, and shall free his mind from hindrances.  


 Padmakumara asked if I keep myself from the secular world. why do I need to found a Buddhism school?
 Bodhisattva Maitreya said: A Buddhism school is for sentient beings. Once a Buddhism school is established, the deciphers’ hearts are united for the same objective so that they can sense a response from Buddha. The school shall also found Buddhism preaching and practice sites where disciples can practice together to strengthen one’s own cultivation skill by using the strength of everyone collectively. True Buddha school enables the sentient beings to gain affinity with it and cultivate together. In the future, the disciples can support each other and be reborn in Maha Dual Lotus Ponds. A Buddhism school is an expedient approach to help the disciples gain confidence and cultivate Buddhism.
Bodhisattva Maitreya said: A Buddhism school can enable the sentient beings to uphold Buddhism, do no evil, but do good so that Merits and virtues can grow. It is highly critical vow for every disciple - uphold True Buddha School.
Living Buddha Lian Sheng:
Why did I found Buddhism School? Why did I name it "True Buddha School"?


The wisdom we learn is Buddha's and Bodhisattva's "Non-outflows" wisdom. It is the True Wisdom.


When we detach from all afflicting emotions, we can achieve Buddha's Nirvana. The detached is Tathagata and is True Buddha.


The articles I write is to manifest the Truth and elaborate the Truth.


The True Buddha Dharma is The True Purity Dharma.


Practice mudra, mantra and visualization to purify body, speech and mind.


Practice True Dharma (subtle body) "Prana (inner wind), Nadi (channel), Bindu (spark of life)" to connect our body and mind.
Ture buddha school owns True buddha Dharma. True Buddha dharma is real, exquisite, immutable and eternal by nature. It has the true tantric dharma, and the true doctrine which is “Chant mantra to attain Buddhahood”.


True Buddha school is based on Vajrayana and adopt Mantra Dharani as the primary cultivation approach to attain Buddhahood.


Mandala is Mantra, Dharani, Vidyadhara and Secret Words.


The true buddha school is Tantrism , Mantrayana, Phala Buddhism, Vajrayana and Vidyadhara Buddhism.


All of the aforementioned Buddhism states expressly in their sutras that:


Tantrism - attain Buddhahood by cultivating in secret, do not impart dharma until who demonstrates his potential and is ready.   
Mantrayana Buddhism - "understand true words, detach from secular world, abide samaya percepts, shield yourself strongly" is mantra cultivation.
Phala Buddhism - imitate buddha by visualizing yourself becoming Buddha, living in a buddha palace, owning Buddha's fortune and behaving like Buddha for cultivation.
 Vajrayana - Vajra means imperishable and unbeatable.


Vajrayana is Mahayana and integrates mantra, paramita, phala and cause.
 Vidyadhara Buddhism- Elaborate what Vidyadhara learns and what Vidyadhara pursues.