True Buddha School's Eight Yidams

The deity for each Saturday night’s group practice is based on the rotation of the eight Yidams of the True Buddha School.  Root Guru Living Buddha Lian Sheng is respectfully requested to preside over the group practice and give a Dharma talk, during which Living Buddha Lian Sheng currently expounds the Vimalakīrti Sutra.

Main Hall

Golden Mother of the Jade Pond

Golden Mother is the primordial Taoist goddess, personifying maternal kindness and protection.  Golden Mother is Grandmaster Lu’s Root Guru and Yidam. 


Living Buddha Lian Sheng’s Three Yidams are Golden Mother, Amitabha, and Ksitigarbha. 


In 1969, Golden Mother activated Living Buddha Lian Sheng’s spiritual sight.  He was 25 years old.  Until this day, Living Buddha Lian Sheng continues to receive teachings and empowerments from the Golden Mother.  He often tells his disciples, “if there was no Golden Moter, there would not have been True Buddha School.”

Main Hall

The Main Shrine

The main shrine, anchored by the statue of Golden Mother, is the home to over a hundred of statues of the buddhas, bodhisattvas, gods and protectors, including the magnificent Seven Buddhas, Padmakumara, Avalokitesvara, Ksitigharba, Manjushri, Yamantaka, Acala, Marici, etc.

Main Hall

Mandala Murals

Painted on the side walls are two giant murals depicting the Shakyamuni mandala and the Padmakumara mandala.



天體運行,剛健不息,六十甲子年年都有太歲星君輪值,察人間善惡 ,護佑蒼生。西雅圖雷藏寺供奉太歲星君,迎請星君前來上任,鎮寺護宅,保佑大眾平安幸福。



依藥師佛十二大願的慈悲願力而設。十二大願不但救治一切眾生 遠離病苦,更救度一切眾生脫離生 死輪迴。佛光注照延生位眾善信身體健康、長壽吉祥。







Main Hall

The Year Guardian Shrine

Every year, every Chinese zodiac sign should seek the protection of the Year Guardian God.  Through a 60-year rotation, the temple consecrates the Year Guardian God in charge to look over all those who seek his blessings to minimize negative encounters resulted from celestial conflicts.

Main Hall

The Longevity Shrine

The shrine is established with Medicine Buddha’s 12 vows in mind.  By supplicating the Medicine Buddha for his mercy and blessings, may each person who prays at the shrine be granted physical, mental, and spiritual health, comfort, and long life.

Main Hall

The Ksitigarbha Shrine of Siprits

This shrine with the Ksitigarbha as the principal buddha, is the home for the spirits of the ancestors, family and friends who have passed on, and fetuses from miscarriages and abortions. The reverends dedicate daily chanting to the rebirth of the spirits in the pure land.  Please ask the reverends for registration information.

Main Hall

Lamp Offerings to the Buddha

As told in the “Sutra on the Virtue of Light Offerings”, Shakyamuni disclosed to Sariputra the four types of happiness derived from offering lamps in a temple: 1) attractive appearance, 2) wealth, 3) kindness and generosity, and 4) wisdom.  All are welcome to purchase butter lamps from the gift shop to offer to the buddhas.

Main Hall

The Hindu Trinity Shrine

The shrine of the Mahabrahma, Mahavishnu, and Mahasvara makes the temple a popular destination for our Hindu friends in the community, who worship and love the three Hindu gods.

Main Hall

Nagaraja Pagoda

When the temple’s construction broke ground, a humongous rock was unearthed from the spot exactly below the Golden Mother’s statue.  The rock was determined to be the “dragon foundation rock,” a rare specimen of earth’s energy in the form of a rock. 


The temple painted a green dragon on it and consecrated it as the center piece of the Nagaraja Pagoda.  According to the spiritual dialog Living Buddha Lian Sheng had with Nagaraja Mo Dan of the Western Sea, the Nagaraja had transported his entire Crystal Palace heaven to reside in the rock when he reported for duty as a guardian of the temple. 


It is customary to chant or pray while circling the rock in the clockwise direction.