A Medical Miracle On Sarah’s Eye

A Medical Miracle On Sarah’s Eye

A girl who was about to lose her eye sight completely was able to retain her vision and continued her dream in neuroscience after Grand Master Lu’s blessing

By Angela Mac

The same week that Jesse Huang was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a couple came to look at the house next door to Demi and Jesse that had been on the market for several months. Angela and Len were not planning to move from their long-time home and had not looked at any houses in many years. However, when they toured the house for sale, they had a strong impulse to buy it. They couldn’t explain this feeling, because Angela normally thinks about every tiny detail for a very long time before deciding. After intense discussions, they decided this was ‘serendipity’ and made an offer to buy the house early the next morning. Angela wrote a heartfelt letter to the sellers explaining how much they appreciated the house. She explained their plans to make the yard into a beautiful botanical garden sanctuary and told them about their wonderful daughter, Sarah.

After the family moved into the house next door, Demi and Jesse soon learned all about Sarah and how she was born with underdeveloped eyes that had many problems, including cataracts and glaucoma. Sarah’s left eye has always been completely blind. However, after several successful surgeries on her right eye, she could read, write, and draw with the help of magnifiers and high-prescription glasses. Sarah’s doctors and teachers were amazed by how optimistic and hardworking she was. She was very gifted in writing, art and mathematics and won many contests. Sarah graduated high school in 2020 and is currently studying neuroscience and mathematics at Stanford University and continues to pursue her passions in drawing and writing.

About a year before meeting Demi and Jesse, Sarah’s vision started getting worse. By early 2020, Sarah’s cornea had become very cloudy. Her doctors told her it is a degenerative condition that cannot be cured, and a cornea transplant is currently too high risk. They estimated she would lose her sight completely in 2021. When Demi heard this, she suggested seeking out Grandmaster Lu for a blessing. Sarah first met with Jesse to discuss her situation and then Jesse arranged for her to see Grandmaster Lu at the Redmond temple. Sarah had another appointment with her doctor two months after Grandmaster Lu’s blessing and there was a new small clear window right in the center of her cloudy cornea! This was a very unusual and unheard-of improvement. Now it is 2023, three years since the doctors said Sarah would soon be blind, and now they don’t know what to say about this miracle.

Sarah is currently on a study abroad program at Oxford University, pursuing her dream in the field of neuroscience.

The whole thing started with Angela and her husband’s inexplicable attraction to a house for sale. They then met Demi and her husband, Jesse, and were introduced to their Guru who blessed Sarah’s eyesight and retained her vision. From then on, Sarah has been working hard in the field of neuroscience, which is truly inspiring when considering Grandmaster Lu’s compassion in saving sentient beings, and the incredible coincidence of events that led to Sarah’s relentless pursuit in life.



在蓮廣被診斷出胰臟癌的同一週,Angela 和Len 夫婦恰好來參觀位於蓮姿和蓮廣夫婦住處隔壁的房子。他們原本只打算看看這已在市場待售了好幾個月的房子,並不想搬離已居住很久的住家,但在參觀之後,已經好幾年沒看過待售屋的他們,剎那間竟有莫名的衝動,想要將屋子買下,他們自己也無法解釋到底為何會如此心動,Angela平日行事更是會先將細節斟酌再三方能定奪。







Sarah 目前攻讀牛津大學海外留學課程,正在神經科學領域築夢。整件事情從Angela夫婦觀看待售屋時的莫明心動開始,接著認識蓮姿、蓮廣夫婦,從而獲得引介受到師尊加持使Sarah眼睛仍有清晰視力,到現在Sarah正努力朝向神經科學研究的目標邁進,令人感動於師尊的慈悲救護眾生、Sarah一直在人生中的奮鬥不懈,與因緣流轉的不可思議。