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Provide a training ground

Cultivation is to correct one's behavior. "Don't do any evil, practice all the good, and purify your mind. This is Buddhism."

Explanation of Buddhism

In the Saha world, there is more suffering than happiness, and everyone is faced with problems both physically and mentally. Buddha Sakyamuni taught 84,000 Dharma doors to cure 84,000 diseases of all living beings.

Make an appointment to visit

Schools and other institutions, groups, students, and people from all walks of life are welcome to make an appointment to visit. Please contact Lei Zang Temple in Seattle so that we can arrange relevant matters.

Buddha statue consecration

The fellow practitioners of Lei Zang Temple in Seattle hold activities every Saturday and respectfully invite the root guru, Holy Lotus Living Buddha, to consecrate the Buddha statue on the mandala table waiting for consecration.

Peace of Tai Sui, blessing light, peace of birth

The ancient Chinese calendar is based on the heavenly stems and earthly branches. This year, Jiachen is in the opposite direction: dragon and dog. Offset: cattle, sheep.

Red event chanting

If believers have happy events such as marriage, or wish for good health, longevity, etc., they can contact our temple to pray, chant, and practice the red event chanting sutra.

Ancestor tablets, Shui Zi Ling tablets, and Cheng Ling tablets are enshrined

The Lei Zang Temple in Seattle has the Ksitigarbha Hall, where believers can enshrine the tablets of their ancestors, water sub-spirits, and lingering spirits.

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